Season of Woe or Wonder: Transitioning to Fall

Fall is certainly in the air in Atlanta, and all the many ideas it carries with it are in full swing: pumpkin flavored everything, leaves changing, cooler weather, and the days growing shorter. I hear a variety of responses on peoples associations with fall and the change of seasons. Some praise fall for the exciting treats, fall fashions, and the chance to cuddle up with a blanket and a good book while enjoying some hot apple cider.

Others begrudge the beginning of cold and flu season and the shortened daylight hours, thinking woefully ahead to days of being cooped up due to cold weather, and scraping ice off frozen windshields.

Whatever one’s personal take is on fall, we must admit there is a transition we all must go through as the seasons change. As a Florida girl myself, I have a limited appreciation for fall and the changes that come with it. In my attempts to find a more positive reaction and change my perspective on the season change, I stumbled upon an article about the benefits of the fall season.

Click here to read the article: 5 Health Benefits of the Fall Season

There is a beneficial perspective we can take on autumn as a time of transformation in our lives. I believe strongly in pursuing dreams, and what better time to rethink our goals, visions, and dreams than when one can do it cozied up by the fire with a pumpkin spice latte in hand? We are reminded as we watch the leaves change color and fall away of the fleeting nature of each of the seasons in our lives.

Can we use that metaphor to refocus our energy into the things we most value, the ones which push us further towards our dreams, and that fill our lives with meaning and purpose? Can we draw renewed strength for the maybe hard or unpleasant, but sometimes necessary, seasons we might be in that are only temporary, and will eventually give birth to a bright spring ahead?

Whether you love, hate, or feel ambivalently towards fall, I challenge you to take a week, day, or afternoon away during this autumn season to reflect on the transformation in your own life. Think of that brightly colored leaf, and draw inspiration from it to live brighter today, and plan purposefully for the coming springtime ahead.

About Liz Fava, LPC

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