Prepare Enrich
Facilitator Training

Next training is Friday – July 26, 2024

In just one day, get trained in Prepare Enrich, the most trusted Premarital relationship assessment and curriculum.

Looking for a reliable, comprehensive, and effective couples assessment tool to add to your toolbox? With over 40 years of research validation, Prepare/Enrich checks all the boxes. 

As a Prepare Enrich Trainer, I can help you become a Certified Facilitator of the most trusted relationship assessment, so you can be confident you’re focusing on the areas that really matter with your premarital and couples clients. 

Next training will be on Friday – July 26, 2024

Is this just a premarital assessment? No! Prepare Enrich is useful for couples at any stage of life.

In this one day training, you’ll learn exactly how to use the program and all its features. The training includes the materials you’ll need to get started with the program, as well as a complimentary online scoring credit. 

Becoming a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator provides you with the core knowledge and skills to confidently utilize the Prepare/Enrich assessment and feedback resources. 

After attending my workshop you’ll be able to: 

  • Prepare couples to take the assessment 
  • Interpret the assessment insights
  • Give personalized feedback
  • Initiate meaningful discussion 
  • Facilitate relationship skill-building exercises

The dynamic assessment uncovers the specific strength and growth areas unique to each couple. With the help of their Facilitator, couples build on their strengths giving them the confidence to work on their specific growth areas. 

What does Prepare/Enrich assess? 

  • The couple’s alignment on core areas such as communication and conflict resolution, as well as topics customized to their relationship phase and context 
  • The impact of family of origin experiences on each partner’s perception of the couple relationship 
  • Couple’s closeness and flexibility 
  • Which relationship areas to focus on and which to build upon 
  • Stress level of each partner and pinpointing top stressors
  • Key personality similarities and differences

Training Information

Next training will be on Friday – July 26, 2024

  • Cost: $200 (Includes all materials)
  • Time: 9:30am-4:30pm with a break for lunch
  • CEs: 7.0 Continuing Education Hours Available for purchase separately through R.Cassidy
  • Registration: Pre-Registration is required for attendance. Registration closes two weeks prior to a scheduled training.
  • Size: Limited to 8 Participants; Please Register Early to Ensure Placement
  • Location: IN PERSON 4840 Roswell Rd., Suites C202 & D300, Atlanta, GA 30342

Quick Facts

The Prepare/Enrich assessment has been proven to decrease the risk of divorce by 30%. (Stanley, Amato, Johnson & Markman, 2006) 

The Prepare/Enrich assessment has been proven to increase relationship skills and satisfaction. (Larson, J.H., Vatter, R.S., Galbraith, R.C., Holman, T.B. & Stahmann, R.F. (2007), Knutson, L. & Olson, D.H. (2003), Worthington, E.L., McCullough, M.E., Shortz, J.L., Mindes, E.J., Sandage, S.J. & Chartrand, J.M. (1995))


I personally have been using Prepare Enrich in my couples counseling sessions for over 12 years. Couples really seem to benefit from the couples reports and visuals of seeing their relationship strengths and growth areas graphed out for them. I especially like the Couples and Family Maps, which help couples see patterns related to closeness and flexibility in their couples relationship compared to their families of origin. And it is so helpful to have a resource that covers all the major areas of a couple’s relationship, so you know you are helping them have the important conversations they really need in order to strengthen their relationship. 

– Liz Fava, LPC