Establish a Fulfilling Relationship with a Dating Therapist in Atlanta

Feel confident about your dating life. Our dating therapists can help you explore your relationships, dating patterns, and what you want from dating — whether you’re currently in a relationship or wanting to date.
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You can find the fulfilling relationship you desire.

Dating can be tough — whether you’re in a relationship but wondering if it’s the right one or struggling to find a connection.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re on a rollercoaster filled with twists and ups and downs, especially given our fast-paced lifestyles.  

Dating or thinking about dating again can also lead to many feelings and questions. 

You may wonder:

  • How will I know if this relationship is right for me?
  • Have I waited too long to start dating?
  • Why do I keep repeating old patterns or ending up with emotionally unavailable partners?
  • Is this relationship as good as it gets, or is there something better?
  • How hard should dating really be?
  • Why haven’t I been successful?


Dating doesn’t have to be so difficult or stressful. It can be intriguing, fun, and delightful.

You can work through your dating questions or concerns and enjoy dating again.

Our dating therapists can help you explore your thoughts, feelings, and patterns surrounding dating. You can feel confident in your dating life and enjoy the journey. 

Dating therapy can help you identify:

  • What you want from your dating life
  • The type of partner you’re looking for (and not seeking)
  • How you’ll know if a relationship is right for you
  • Past habits or patterns that may be interfering with your current dating life
  • New skills to improve communication with dates or partners, work through relationship issues, and set boundaries
dating therapy in Atlanta

Our Atlanta dating Therapists can help you find a meaningful connection that’s right for you.

Our dating counseling is tailored to your unique needs. We work with you to create a safe place for you to explore your dating life and relationships in a judgment-free space.

Our dating therapists use an integrative therapeutic approach incorporating various techniques, skills, and approaches, including the Gottman method, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and more.  

Because — dating can be a fun, joyful journey that leads to you finding the connection and love you want.

A woman sits on a couch, speaking to an Atlanta dating therapist during a dating counseling session.

Redefine your dating life and reconnect with what you want in a partner with our dating Therapists in Atlanta.

Call us today to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our dating therapists.

Meet Our Atlanta Dating Therapists 

Grace Guyton Atlanta Therapist

Grace Guyton

Atlanta Therapist

Grace provides individual, couples and family therapy, including counseling for dating, engaged and married couples. She also conducts premarital workshops and groups.

Her session rate is $150 per 50-minute session

She’s accepting new clients for in-person and virtual sessions.

Liz Fava in her Atlanta therapy office

Kristen Sessoms

atlanta Therapist
Kristen provides individual therapy to adults, adolescents, and children, and couples and family therapy to adults. She also provides parenting support groups, and premarital workshops and groups. 

Her session rate is $120 per 50 minute session.

She’s accepting new clients for in-person and virtual sessions.

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FAQs About Dating Therapy in Atlanta

What is Dating Therapy and how can a dating therapist help?

Dating therapy is intended to help you navigate the world of dating to ensure you enjoy the process of dating and find relationships that are healthy and fulfilling. An Atlanta dating therapist can empower you by offering personalized guidance to enhance your dating and relationship experiences. They help you gain self-awareness and improve your communication skills, reducing dating-related anxiety and developing effective strategies for meeting potential partners. Moreover, dating therapists assist you in identifying and breaking unhealthy relationship patterns, enabling you to make more informed decisions about your romantic pursuits. In essence, dating therapy is all about equipping you with the tools and support needed to achieve more satisfying and fulfilling dating experiences and relationships.

How does Dating Therapy work?

Together, you and your therapist will explore what qualities you want in a partner, how to know if a relationship is the right fit, what your ultimate goal is for dating, communication skills, and explore whether there are unhelpful patterns that might be getting in the way of successful relationships. Dating therapy can be helpful for individuals, or for couples.

When is Dating Counseling needed?

If you’re not getting what you want out of relationships or are struggling to know what’s best for you, you might consider exploring dating therapy.  Dating therapy can support you in feeling confident about your relationships and enjoy the dating experience. 

How much does a Dating Therapist cost?

Cost varies depending on the therapist, but you can expect to pay between $130-$200 per 50 minute session.  All of our Atlanta therapists offer a reduced fee if finances are an issue. 

How long does the Dating Therapy process take?

This will depend on the person and the goal of therapy.  You may find what you’re looking for in 6-8 sessions, but for many people it’s helpful to take your time to achieve your goals.  This could mean several months or longer. Talk to your therapist about your goals for dating therapy as you are first getting started, and they will help you track and determine when your goals have been achieved.

How do I know if Dating Counseling is right for me?

If you want to find a meaningful connection with a partner, have a healthy relationship that is fulfilling, or explore your thoughts or struggles around dating, dating counseling could be beneficial.

How can a choose a dating therapist to work with?

It’s important when choosing a dating therpist that you find someone that truly fits what you’re looking for. Start by researching therapists with expertise in dating and relationships, preferably with relevant credentials and positive client reviews.

It’s crucial to find someone whose approach aligns with your values and goals, so schedule initial consultations with a few potential therapists to gauge their compatibility. During these meetings, assess their communication style, empathy, and the comfort you feel discussing personal matters. Ask about their experience, methodologies, and treatment plans to ensure they meet your specific needs. Trust your intuition and select a therapist with whom you feel a genuine connection and who can provide the guidance and support required for your dating and relationship journey.

Click here to schedule a free consultation with our team and we’ll help you find a dating therapist that suits your preferences.