Couples Counseling in Atlanta

Learn more about marriage counseling and couples therapy.


Couples Counseling can be a great way to strengthen and improve your relationship no matter who you are or where you are in your relationship.

We work with dating couples and those contemplating taking things to the next level, engaged couples who are moving towards marriage, married couples and those who have been together for years.

Some couples come in because they are in serious need of something to change and their relationship is hanging on by a thread. Maybe one or the other is contemplating divorce, or has been involved in infidelity. Others come because they are interested in fine tuning their relationship and want to learn skills to take their relationship from good to great.

No matter what is currently going on, couples counseling in Atlanta can help.

We are trained in both the Gottman method and Prepare/Enrich, and use a variety of tools, techniques, assessments and approaches to help you evaluate and strengthen your relationship.

Counseling for DATING COUPLES in Atlanta

Wondering if the guy or girl you are seeing is “the one”? Want some assistance with that process? Have you been in your relationship for a while and experienced both the ups and downs of life with someone, only to wonder if this relationship is really a good idea or not?

Consider coming in for some couples sessions to work with a trained professional and get a better idea of if this is a forever relationship, or if you and your partner would be better off as just friends.

ENGAGED COUPLES & Premarital Counseling

So you’ve bought the ring, and are knee deep in seating charts, reception venue ideas and Pinterest boards of DIY wedding favors and decorations.

But how much thought are you putting into what comes after the big day?

After all, a wedding is just that – a day. But a marriage lasts a lifetime. Want to learn skills to help you start your marriage on the right foot and hopefully avoid some of the painful lessons many couples learn the hard way after years of bad habits have set in?

Schedule premarital counseling before the big day and get valuable feedback and assessment results from a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator. Prepare & Enrich Premarital Counseling is one of the most reputable and widely recognized premarital programs around. Complete the program and you can often even receive a discount on your marriage license.

Marriage Counseling in Atlanta

Marriage is hard. It is also beautiful, life giving, and the most intimate relationship we get to experience on earth.

But make no mistake – it’s hard.

Are you tired of fighting the same old battles and not getting any closer to a solution? Have you lost the spark and romance that first brought you together? Maybe outside stressors are weighing you and your relationship down – the in sickness and health, through good times or bad, for better or worse scenarios are now looking a little more like your everyday life.

If the wounds of a painful marriage are leading you to get some help, or if you could just use a few skills to help you navigate a challenging time, we are here to talk.

We are trained in the Gottman method of couples counseling, an empirically based and highly effective approach to relationship work.

We use a variety of other resources and approaches as well, and would love to help you and your spouse repair, rebuild and reconnect in a new way.


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