Restore Your Connection with Couples Counseling in Atlanta

Strengthen your communication and enhance your love for each other with online or in-person couples counseling for dating, engaged, or married couples.

Remember that moment when you knew this was the person for you?

Perhaps you felt a catch of your breath, your heart beat a little faster, or you felt a little flustered.

You knew this was a relationship worth preserving — worth working on.

Yet, maintaining a close, intimate relationship can be challenging. 

The world and life can interfere — life stress, daily demands, little time or energy.

You and your partner may… 

  • Feel pulled in different directions
  • Struggle with how to express your feelings about your relationship, current goals, and life together 
  • Feel unsure how to talk about the hard topics without it turning into a fight
  • Be facing tough life situations or transitions such as loss, work stress, changes in what you want from your life, or infidelity
  • Keep a mental list of things that have gone wrong or annoyances which crop up during arguments
  • Feel like you’re drifting apart
  • Wonder whether this really is the right relationship

You can reconnect and build a stronger relationship with our Atlanta couples Counseling — no matter your current challenges.

Our Atlanta therapists can help you and your partner reconnect, improve your communication with each other, fine-tune your relationship, or work through difficult relationship issues — even if you feel your relationship is hanging on by a thread. 

Our couples counseling in Atlanta is tailored to your unique needs. We work with you and your partner to create a safe place for you to explore your relationship in a judgment-free space. 

We are trained in the Gottman method and Prepare/Enrich. We also use an integrative therapeutic approach incorporating various tools, techniques, and approaches to help you evaluate and enhance your relationship.

A happy couple smiling after couples counseling in Atlanta

Atlanta couples Counseling can help strengthen relationships at every stage.

Whether you’re dating, engaged, or married, our Atlanta couples therapy can help you and your partner address the relationship issues that you’re facing.

Our licensed couples therapists can help…


  • Dating couples wondering whether this is the forever relationship you’re seeking
  • Engaged couples learn valuable relationship and communication skills to help start your marriage on the right foot with a certified Prepare and Enrich Premarital Counselor
  • Married couples rekindle their passion for each other, break habits that may contribute to misunderstandings and arguments, build healthy communication strategies and skills, or navigate challenging relationship or life issues to help you repair, rebuild, and reconnect in a new way. 
A couple lays on the beach after couples therapy Atlanta

Our licensed Atlanta couples therapists are here for you and your partner, so you can reconnect, redefine your relationship, and grow closer.

Call us today to learn more about couples counseling in Atlanta and to schedule your free consultation with one of our relationship therapists.

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